Corporate Compliance and Anti-Corruption



Amongst a worldwide consensus that bribery damages governments and business enterprises alike, a network of anti-bribery laws – national and international legislation – has emerged and is altering the way of doing business in a global scale.  Foreign regulations have effects that reach beyond their national borders.  Today, foreign government agencies can investigate and prosecute companies and individuals outside of their territory, with grave consequences ranging from harm to a company’s reputation, large civil and criminal fines, and possible imprisonment for its executives and employees.

Foreign companies doing business in Ecuador as well as Ecuadorian enterprises conducting business with foreign companies are now subject to these stringent regulations to different degrees.

PBP advises local and international companies in all matters relating to corporate compliance. Our team is led by a U.S. licensed attorney, with vast experience conducting internal investigations in multiple jurisdictions and representing corporate clients as well as individual executives before foreign regulators.

Our highly specialized team combines deep understanding of foreign statutes that have extraterritorial reach (FCPA, UK Bribery Act, US Patriot Act, etc.) with our long-standing know-how of the Ecuadorian legislation and market.

Our team provides clients services in all matters related to corporate compliance: