Decision Making process at PBP

The PBP Institution

At PBP we believe in the importance of being a solid firm, with clear rules, for the benefit of our clients as well as our staff.

The firm is governed by a Partner Assembly, managed by a President, a General Manager and a Professional Manager, directed by a Board, and overseen by a Professional Committee that rules on promotions and conflicts of interest.

The regulations for achieving partner have been unchanged for the last four decades, and PBP has clear policies regarding career and promotion for its associates and its lawyers. The process for selecting lawyers is conducted under strict standards of professionalism and excellence. We believe in organic growth and in the professional development of our lawyers.

Our policy on conflicts of interest

After decades of professional management, at PBP we have established a clear policy of prevention, detection and management of conflicts of interest:

  • We are not financial stake holders in our clients’ businesses.
  • All contact with potential new clients is immediately reported to the firm’s management.
  • Before taking on a client, every lawyer must report it to the firm to avoid any potential conflict of interest.
  • In the case of potential conflicts of interest, the decision is taken by PBP’s Professional Committee’s, and the clients or potential clients involved are promptly informed.
  • We are guided by the professional standards of the American Bar Association.