Pro Bono

Pro Bono work is an essential part of the legal profession. At PBP we provide access to justice for individuals or vulnerable groups who cannot otherwise afford legal counsel, thus contributing to a more equitable system.

In 1987 we created the FABIÁN PONCE ORDÓÑEZ Foundation Pro Bono work.

We receive cases on a weekly basis, extending to a variety of legal areas, with an emphasis on family law. Cases include legal and psychological assistance for domestic violence, sexual violence and/or abuse victims.

The Foundation is a mediation pioneer. Created in 1994, the mediation center resolves more than 300 cases a year through swift and practical solutions.

We have worked with NGOs: “Operación Sonrisa” (Operation Smile), “Fundación General Ecuatoriana” (the General Ecuadorian Foundation), UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), Techo (A roof for my country) and SOLCA (Society for the Fight against Cancer).

In 2008, we signed the “Pro bono Declaration for the Americas”, consolidating the efforts of regional firms with the same philosophy. This initiative is run by the Cyrus Vance Center.

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