We remind our subscribers that the following corporate, labor and tax obligations must be met in April 2019:

  • Submission of documents to the Superintendency of Companies, Securities and Insurance:
Companies subject to surveillance and control of the Superintendency of Companies, Securities and Insurance shall submit financial and corporate information within the first quarter of the year, i.e. no later than April 30.

  • Employee Profit-Sharing Payments:
The deadline for employers to distribute the 15% employee profit-sharing payments is April 15. Ten percent will be divided among all the employees, without taking into account the compensation received by each employee. The remaining five percent will be divided as a function of the number of each employee’s dependents. Employees who did not work throughout the entire year will receive a share of profits, prorated to reflect their period of employment.

  • Income Tax Reporting and Payment by Legal Entities:
April is the deadline for legal entities to report and pay income taxes pursuant to the following schedule:
Ninth Digit of Taxpayer Registration Number Deadline
1 April 10
2 April 12
3 April 14
4 April 16
5 April 18
6 April 20
7 April 22
8 April 24
9 April 26
0 April 28

The shareholders annex must be submitted before the tax return; otherwise, the declaration cannot be submitted.

  • Determination of Advance Income Tax:
Taxpayers must determine the income tax to be paid in advance for fiscal year 2019 in their return for fiscal year 2018. The resulting amount must be paid in two equal installments in the months of July and September according to the ninth digit of the Taxpayer Registration Number.

Warning: This newsletter by Pérez Bustamante & Ponce (PBP) is not and cannot be used as legal advice or opinion since it is merely of an informative nature.