June 18, 2024

Reminder – Equality Plan

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We remind our clients that the Equality Plan required by the Violet Economy Law and its Regulations must be registered with the Ministry of Labor by July 31, 2024[i].

We answer the most frequently asked questions below:


Who needs to submit an equality plan?

  • Employers with 50 or more employees must register an equality plan.

Employers with less employees may file an equality plan if they wish to.


How is the equality plan submitted?

  • The equality plan must be submitted in the format set by the Ministry of Labor. While the system is being set up, the plan must be submitted in digital format (Microsoft Excel file) at the service desks of the Ministry of Labor nationwide.


What is the outline of the equality plan?

  • The equality plan has nine sections: (i) Selection and hiring; (ii) Training;  (iii) Promotions; (iv) Elimination of wage gaps; (v) Corporate communication;  (vi) Reconciliation of work and personal and family life; (vii) Prevention of occupational risks; (viii) Prevention of discrimination and workplace or sexual harassment; and (ix) Corporate culture.


What must the equality plan include?

  • The plan must include measures, strategies, practices, programs, courses of action that the company can implement to achieve equal treatment and opportunities between men and women in the workplace, and eliminate discrimination based on what is identified in the assessment.
  • These actions must have a timeframe, budget, evaluation method and a person in charge.


What must be considered when creating the equality plan?

  • The format by the Ministry of Labor is fixed. No extra boxes or pages can be added.
  • Each company must design its equality plan. The Ministry of Labor will not verify if the activities proposed by each company are adequate, since each company is unique.
  • It is not required to submit additional documents; if you wish to register any additional information, it is recommended to include links.
  • The goals and objectives must not be changed. If an aim does not apply, state that it is not applicable.


How long is the equality plan valid for?

Equality plans will be valid for 4 years, counted from their registration.


[i] https://www.pbplaw.com/publicaciones/el-ministerio-del-trabajo-emite-una-guia-y-amplia-el-plazo-para-el-registro-de-planes-de-igualdad/


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