Our focus allows us to:

We advise our clients on the environmental regulations relevant to their operations.

We perform due diligence to identify, offer effective solutions for, and reduce the impact of environmental and legal risks.

We offer advice on strategy for informing local communities of projects and managing disputes through citizen consultation mechanisms.

We represent our clients before municipal, provincial and national environmental authorities.


Limits to the powers of the Office of the Comptroller General in environmental matters

The Office of the State Attorney General clarified the powers of the Office of the State Comptroller General in certain environmental matters.

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Water Resources Law and its Regulations declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court

Through a recently released judgment of January 12 of this year, the Constitutional Court admitted an action filed by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities, CONAIE, in 2015. In the claim, the Court was asked to declare the unconstitutionality of the Water Resources Law approved by the National Assembly on July 31, 2014 and published in the Official Gazette 305 of August 6, 2014. Likewise, on July 9 of the same year, the Confederation of Peoples of the Kichwa Nationality of Ecuador, ECUARUNARI, and other indigenous organizations requested that its regulations, issued on May 31, 2015, be declared unconstitutional.

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Regulation for Issuance of Certification of Non-Impact on Bodies of Water for Mining Operations

Ministerial Decree No. MAAE-2021-023 containing the “regulation for issuance of the prior administrative resolution provided for in Article 26(b)

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